Disney Channel auditions information for new series ‘Fairest of the Mall’

Disney Channel has given the green light for a 1/2 hour live-action comedy pilot called Fairest of the Mall, and auditions are getting underway in Los Angeles.

The two-time Casting Society of America ARTIOS Award winning casting director has sent out the first casting call for series regulars and guest starring roles. Up for grabs are the starring roles of Gwen, Finn, Nicky, and Barry. The roles call for actors who can portray 14 year olds. Disney Channel auditions actors in Los Angeles, and all extras will also be cast in Los Angeles, where shooting will begin in August, 2014.

Fairest of the Mall centers on 14 year old Gwen, who is devastated when she’s fired from her fabulous job at Ampersandie & Snitch, a hip clothing store in the mall because she was framed for shoplifting – and her supposed “friend,” Bethany, admits that she was the one who did it! Determined to get her job back, Gwen enlists the help of Finn (who’s seriously crushing on Gwen) who works at Circuit Circus in the mall, in exchange for helping him sell a bunch of dot matrix printers, which Gwen does with her characteristic ingenuity and flair. Bethany is brought to justice and Gwen is offered her old job back, but instead, she decides to go a different route, and winds up at Circuit Circus with some lovable eccentrics who turn out to become really good friends.

Jed Elinoff and Scott Thomas are the show creators, and will both serve as executive producers and showrunners. Elinoff and Thomas are creators and executive producers of the Disney XD animated series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. Other writing credits include the ABC Family movie The Mistle-Tones, and the Nickelodeon TV movie Bad Fairy.

Disney Channel Casting Call Details

All talent, including minors and foreign actors must be legally eligible to work in the State of California and in the United States.

The 2014 Los Angeles Actors Resource Guide eBook includes the information and documents for adults, minors, and foreign talent who would like to work as an actor or extra on film and television productions in Los Angeles and the United States.

The 2014 Actors Resource Guide eBooks are available here.

Principal Actor Casting

See the post titled Headshot and Resume Information regarding how to submit for acting roles.

Submit photos and resumes by mail only.
No phone calls or personal drop-offs.

Los Angeles:

Howard Meltzer
Hollywood Center Studios
1040 N. Las Palmas Avenue
Bldg. 2 South, Room 113
Los Angeles, CA 90038


It is highly recommended that your 8×10 color headshot and resume along with the cover letter be sent in a 9 x 12 Clear Full Face Window Envelope with the photo visible in the window.

Click Here to purchase 9 x 12 Clear Full Face Window Envelopes.

Click Here to purchase the best resume and cover letter paper.

The casting directors address should be written in all capital letters on the solid side of the envelope, with the name of the project you are submitting for written directly above the casting directors name. IF the role that you are submitting for is available, it should also be written above the casting directors name.


“Project Name”
“Role of _______”

Extras Casting

Los Angeles:

Central Casting
220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, CA 91502
Registration Info: (818) 562-2755

Production Companies:

Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production companies, as they will most likely end up being thrown away. They do not cast the films, rather they hire casting directors who sort through the thousands of submissions.

Disney Channel
3800 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91505

It’s a Laugh Productions
1040 N. Las Palmas Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Executive Producers:

Jed Elinoff
Scott Thomas


To Be Announced

Note:Different directors work various episodes. In television shows composed of individual episodes, the television director’s role differs from that of a film director in that he or she may work only on some television episodes as opposed to the director of an entire film production. In episodic television productions, the major creative control resides with a producer of the show. The television producer(s) with creative control is called the showrunner.


To Be Cast


A teen loses her dream job at a hip clothing store when she’s framed for shoplifting. She enlists the help of some quirky electronics experts to win her job back.

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